Wet felt by hand wool rug zebra design made by pandowdee


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6' 1"x 4' 8"


Four fleeces (Briar, Rumbles, Blanca, and Beezus)


This rug started out in the meadow.  Grown for a full year on our sheep. In spring, the sheep are sheared.  The wool fleeces are skirted, hand washed, picked, carded and hand-dyed.  These fleeces are then laid out in a big, fluffy mound.  Water and soap are sprinkled over top, while gently smoothing the wool down by hand.  Once it's partially matted down, we free-handed the zebra design loosely on top with wool (we sketched out about 10 full-scale prototypes on paper)  The whole mass is smoothed,  rubbed and rolled for many hours until felted.  The "wrinkly stage" at the start is a bit scary.  It's amazing to watch the wool eventually transform into a smooth piece of felt  Approximately a 6 inch border is lost due to shrinking(picture a pure wool sweater thrown into the washer!) Keeping our zebra  design stable through the felting process was tricky. The felting process wants to distort and blur whatever design is laid.  

From shearing to finished rug = 2 months.  

One Of A Kind

 Summer 2017


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